Preparation of drinking water

Preparation of drinking water

Gyvo vandens valymo sistema
UAB LT Aqua presents AquaWhite – a living water purification system comprised of a next generation five-stage system which has no analogues in the market.
  • The first stage includes mechanical purification during which sediments (sand, gravel, sludge, rust, etc.) are separated and held with the help of a mechanical polypropylene fibre filter.

  • Water also passes through a granular carbon filter which traps chlorine and organic compounds.

  • During the third purification stage, water passes through a special membrane which cleans the remaining harmful substances. Modern closed membrane technology prevents the microbiological contamination of filters.

  • During the fourth stage, a coconut charcoal filter, which is three times bigger in the AquaWhite system than in classical systems, provides the taste of pure, mountain spring water.

  • During the fifth stage, with the help of a mineralized filter, water is saturated with the necessary minerals which are beneficial to the human body.

If water contamination is too high for the water purification system, additional elements can be added to ensure high quality operation of the water purification system.

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